Creative Services

Get smart designs & engaging content here.

Marketing materials need to be *engaging.* That means they need to look interesting, read well and provide information your customer wants to hear. Is your look and message as effective as you need it to be?


High-Impact Logos & Identity

I really enjoy doing logo work and creating effective and awesome brands that get companies noticed in their market. I provide consulting and design services for companies and organizations that require a new logo and identity package, or who are looking for a refresh of their brand.


Compelling Graphic Design (Print & Digital)

Whether your project is as small as a business card or as big as a billboard, I can provide visual materials that are sharp, smart, and cohesive.

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Marketing Consulting

If you aren't sure how to accomplish your marketing goals, let's talk. I'm full of ideas and find great joy in helping small and midsize companies create effective and realistic marketing strategies.


Total-Package Web Design

Often a company's most critical marketing tool, website design is about so much more than just how the site looks. From the way information is organized to how the site fits in the user's screen, the variables to be considered are many and they are *important.* (Not the least of which is how easy the search engines can read and index your site!) I can provide website designs that take into account these crucial elements and make it look fantastic as well.


On-Target Copywriting and SEO Content

As compelling as a design may be, *without great content* it is not going to work. My copy will clearly and cleverly inform your customers and compel them to take action. And, if you want to improve your visibility in the search engines, great content is how you do it.

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Need something that isn't on this list? Good. I like a challenge. Let me know what your needs are and I will let you know if I am the right person to help you with them.